Your Taste’s Filled With The Aroma OF Gods

By: Amal Awad – Radwan-(Palestine)

Translated by: Fathia Asfour

Palestinian poet & tranlator

(طعمكِ مفعمٌ بعطرِ الآلهة) للشّاعرة  آمال عوّاد رضوان/ ترجمتها للإنجليزية فتحية عصفور!

Your Taste’s Filled

With The Aroma OF Gods

The cups of your memory smashed me on lips of joy that’s not forgotten your taste , the filled with the aroma of gods…and me is still a thread hanging in the space of your eyes
 My rosy ramblers never drained up of you… or of the bloom of heavens inlaid with your azure swarms
Oh ! how the fields of my misery died for attaining your rain !!
How they yearned to become green amid the chattering of your fingers!!
 And how they appealed to you to get them kneaded with the staff of your eternity , dewy birds drawn as perpetual torment with your invulnerable covenant !!

O, the filly of my barefooted soul !
If only you shake the withered darkness of my face !
 If only you discharge it a luminance of justice the pores of your scales’ sides ! … so that I may indulge in you… a bread of innocence
O , my desired deluge !
Eliminate me not
The fountains of your flight 
gushed out my lavendar light
The whoops of my infidel imagination have become dominantly red
Like a flaming ember became my beats
The folds of my defeats still make me feel at ease
with your voice praying the whole night
 The chanting of your presence still dazzles me .. brings me rain from every direction… makes me shed all the nightingales of my ivy
 Who saves me from the dominance of your voice when Garnada opens heaven to me ? or when I pour down clouds on every wave my life extends from your lips ?
 When will you assend the wave of my dumb maze to become then pure of my sins?
It’s me who came to you by birth
With no veils or masks
 I was not heedless about a pureness that paved the hearts with your chastity.. and dusted all my nakedness off me
Restrain not the rebellion of my crazy beat
Never transform me into a homeland loaded with beaks
My beaks never submitted to the constitutions of their nonesense
 On the strings of my life… I strummed your temple the exalted in you, an eternal light that never fades
I set YOU on the throne of my darkness …so that my submissiveness
will be guided by yours
 My diamond throat melted psalms of forgiveness all along my burning ember
 My supplication was deeper in scent when its fullness was there in jugs…spelling its readings in the mihrab of your tenderness
 My fasting was purer in flaming.. reciting its thirst on the hearing of your water
In return, give me prayers a minor language incapable to say
Here! my taste has completed in the presence of your
fires.. and nearing me is a vouch for
getting me back a worshipper to the quorum of your
 Do not root out the wedges of my strength… to get then melted on a curve of delusion
whereby is my eradication
 Jilbabize me with your green shadow at time when moons take off their crusts
Please! get near me and lift me out of the dusks of my humped darkness
I wonder if I prayed for the ash of a heart
that vanished in the looks of a glacial cage !!
 If only you make it possible for the lips of my night to kiss your pieces of music !!
so that your suns will shine seasons of harvest from my glasses
Since THEE
 my threshing floors have not been permissible but to the exaltations of your memory
Since THEE
my ancient spikes have been storing your wheat
Bless the mills of a heart that do not pulse without your mellow hurricanes
Storm in me.
Make me a golden gem with your transparent palms
 Colour me with your gleam.. so that it can remove the dusts of absence off my soul
Being distant from you is a stagnation surrounding me with your holy water
I am afraid it may plunder my coloured spring
 Seize me out of your dismissal , angels of letters stoking the strong heat of my lamps with the cravings of the planets
 Only you whose shovel and letter are identical, and me turned into mud on the banks of your departure
You, who were the snares for snipping me with your captivating charm!
I am the inhabited by the flow of thirst for the details of your highness
When would you become a virgin sign for my eternal return?
Me, who was crowned by seasons of whirling…with
my vowed rites dancing with me on your foggy rythm
Maybe I return my pulsing if you abide between me and myself
Place me in the lap of a time sustainable in hugging you
 How it was excellent in slipping through my fingers… and set me aside tweeting my loneliness
 Let me disappear behind your chanting where succulent dwelling on the margines of your light was a pleasure to time

طعمكِ مفعمٌ بعطرِ الآلهة/ آمال عواد رضوان

كُؤوسُ ذِكراكِ
حَطَّمَتنِي عَلى شِفاهِ فرَحٍ
لَمْ يَنسَ طَعمَكِ المُفعَمَ بِعِطرِ الآلهَة
وَأَنا ..
ما فَتِئتُ خَيطًا مُعَلّقًا بِفضاءِ عَينَيْكِ
مَا نَضُبَتْ عَلائِقي الوَرْديَّةُ مِنكِ
مِنْ نُضرَةِ سماواتٍ مُرَصَّعَةٍ بِانْثِيالاتِكِ اللاَّزُورديَّة!
حقولُ شَقاوَتي..
تَهالكَتْ عَلى وَصْلِ غَيْثِكِ
كَمْ تاقتْ تَخْضَرُّ بينَ ثرثرةِ أَنامِلِك
وَكَمِ اسْتغاثتْ
أَنِ اجْبِلِيها بِعصا خُلودِكِ عصافيرَ نَدِيَّةً
تَرتَسِمُ دَيمومَةَ لَوعَةٍ بِضَوْءِ عُهْدَتِكِ العَصِيَّة!
مُهْرَةَ روحِي الحافِية
أَلاَ هُزِّي عَتمَةَ وَجهِي الذّاوِيَة
سَرِّحِيهَا نَوْرانِيَّةَ عَدالَةٍ ..
فِي مَساماتِ جِهاتِ مَوازينِكِ
عَلَّني أَنغَمِسُ بِكِ خُبزَ بَراءَة
لاَ تُقْصِيني أَيا طوفانِيَ الْمُشْتَهى
نَوافِيرُ فَرارِكِ فَجَّرَتْ ضَوْئِيَ اللَّيلكِيّ
طاغِيَةُ الحُمْرَةِ باتتْ شَهْقاتُ خَيالِي الكافِرِ
كَجَذْوَةٍ مُجَمَرَّةٍ غَدَتْ خَفَقاتِي!
ثنايا انْكِساراتي..
ما فَتِئتْ تُؤْنِسُني بِصَوتِكِ المُتَهَجِّدِ
حُضورُكِ ..
مَا انفكَّ يُبْهِرُني صُداحُهُ
يَجْلِبُ لي مِنْ كُلِّ فَجٍّ المَطَرَ
يَجْعَلُنِي أَذْرِفُ كُلَّ عَنادِلَ لِبْلابي
مَنْ يُنْجِدُني مِنْ سَطْوَةِ صَوتِكِ
حِينَ تفْتَحُ لي غِرْناطَةُ السَّمَاء..
حِينَ أَنْهَمِرُ غُيومًا عَلى كُلِّ مَوْجَةٍ
تَنداحُ مِنْ شَفَتيْكِ “حَياتي”؟
أنَّى تَعْتَلِينَ مَوْجَةَ ذُهولِي الخَرْساءَ
فَأَخْلُصُ مِنْ آثامي؟
أَنا مَنْ جِئتُكَ مَوْلودًا بِلا حُجُبٍ وَلا أَقْنِعَة
ما كُنْتُ لاهِيًا عَنْ نقاءٍ عَبَّدَ القلوبَ بِطُهْرِكِ
وَنَفَضَ عَنّي كُلَّ عَرائي!
تَمَرُّدُ خَفْقتي المَهْووسَةِ لا تَلْجُمِيها
لا تُحِيليني وَطنًا مُثقَلاً بِالمَناقيرِ
مَناقِيري ما خَنَعَتْ لِدَساتيرِ هُرائِهِم!
عَلى أَوْتارِ “حَياتي”
عَزَفْتُ هَيْكَلَكِ الْمُنِيفِ بِكِ ضَوْءًا أَزَلِيًّا لا يَنْضُبُ
نَصَّبْتُكِ عَلى عَرْشِ عَتْمَتِي
لِيَسْتَدِلَّ بِخُشوعِكِ خُشوعي
حُنْجَرَتي الماسِيَّةُ ذابَتْ مَزامِيرَ اسْتِغْفَارٍ
عَلى امْتِدادِ جَذْوَتِكِ!
كانَ ابْتِهالِي أَعْمَقَ عَبَقًا حِينَ حَضَرَ رُواؤُهُ جِرارًا
يَتهَجَّى قِراءاتِهِ فِي مَحاريبِ حَنانِكِ!
كانَ صِيامِي أَنْقى أَجيجًا
يَتلو عَلى مَسامِعِ مائِكِ عَطَشَهُ!
بادِليني صَلاةً تَعْجَزُ عَنْ قَوْلِها لُغَةٌ قاصِرَة!
ها طَعْمي قَدِ اكْتمَلَ في حَضْرَةِ نيرانِكِ
وَدُنُوُّكِ كَفيلٌ بِإِعادَتي مُتعبِّدًا إِلى نِصابِ مَعْبَدِكِ
لاَ تَقتَلِعي أَوْتادَ جَأْشي
فَأَذُوبُ عَلى مُنْحَنى وَهْمٍ فيهِ مَحْوي
جَلْبِبيني بِظِلِّكِ الأَخْضَرِ
حينَ تَخلَعُ الأَقْمارُ قِشْرَتَها
أرْجوكِ اقتَرِبِي مِنّي
وَانتَشِليني مِنْ سُدَفِ عَتْمَتي الحَدْبَاء!
أَتُراني اسْتَسْقَيْتُ رَمادَ فُؤَادٍ
تَلَاشى في تَقاسيمِ قَفَصٍ جَلِيدِيٍّ؟
أتيحِي لِشِفاهِ لَيْلي أَنْ تَلْثُمَ مَعْزوفاتِكِ
لِتُشْرِقَ شُموسُكِ مِنْ أقداحي مَواسِمَ حَصاد!
وَبَيادِري مَا اسْتَباحَتْها إِلاَّ تَسابيحُ ذِكْراكِ!
وَسَنابِلي الْعَتِيقَةُ تَدَّخِرُ قَمْحَكِ
بارِكي طَواحينَ قَلْبٍ لا تَنْبِضُ إِلاَّ بِأَعاصيرِكِ اليانِعَة
اِعْصِفي بي
عَسْجِديني بِراحَتَيْكِ الشَّفَّافَتيْنِ
لَوِّنيني بِسَطْعِكِ
كَيْ يَنْضُوَ عَنْ روحي أَتْرِبَةَ الغِيابِ
نَأْيُكِ آسِنٌ يُحَوِّطُني بِمائِكِ المُقدّس
أَخْشاهُ يَسْلِبُني نَبْعِيَ المُلَوَّن!
تَخَطَّفيني مِنْ بَينِكِ مَلائِكَةَ حُروفٍ
تُذْكِي هَجيرَ قَناديلي بِاشْتِهاءاتِ الكَواكِبِ!
وَحْدَكِ مَنْ رادَفَ جَرْفُها حَرْفَها
وَغَدَوْتُ طَمْيًا عَلى ضِفافِ رَحيلِكِ!
يا مَنْ كُنْتِ كَمائِنَ اقْتِناصِي بِفِتنَتِكِ الآسِرَة
أَنا المَسكونُ بِدَفْقِ الظَّمَأِ لِتَفاصيلِ شُموخِكِ
مَتى تَغْدِينَ شارَةً عَذْراءَ عَلى عَوْدَتي الأَبَدِيَّة؟
أَنا مَنْ تَكَلَّلْتُ بِمَواسِمِ الدُّوارِ
تُراقِصُني طُقوسي المَنْذورَةُ على إِيقاعِكِ الضَّبابِيِّ
عَلَّني أَسْتعيدُ نَبْضِيَ إِنْ مَكَثتِ بَيني وَبَيني!
أَلْقيني بِحِضنِ وَقتٍ يُمْعِنُ في عِناقِكِ
كَم أَجادَ التَّفَلُّتَ مِنْ بَينِ أَصابِعي
وَنَحّاني مُغَرِّدًا وَحْدَتي
أَتوارى خَلفَ صُداحِكِ
حَيثُ طابَ لَهُ المُكوثُ الرَيّانُ
 على هامِشِ ضَوْئِكِ